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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Molly McBean and the Secret Cave Book Trailer

Hello Everybody! 
Spring should be springing any moment now, but while we're waiting, I would like to share my good news with you. My Children's fantasy "Molly McBean and the Secret Cave" is done. Finished. Yay!!
I'm leaning heavily toward e-publishing which is a total 180 from my original goal of going the traditional route. I think for me, for this book, e-publisihng is the way to go. I haven't toally ruled out continuing my search for an agent but let's face it-after nearly four years of working on this project, I'm ready to start the next phase: getting the story out there and into the hands of the kids it was written for. I'm also eager to pick up with book two in the series "Ethan Stillwater and the Battle for Chaos".

I've included a link to the trailer for "Molly" below. I think it's awesome! Big thanks to Surfdog Media! Please let me hear your thoughts and comments regarding anything in this blog.

Announcing the upcoming release of debut author, Joanie Murray's new book. Once you enter the Secret Cave with Molly McBeen you may not want or be able to return. Readers will enjoy unlocking the cave's many secrets.

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  1. It has been great to see all of your hard work begin to pay off with the finish line in sight. Just think, soon MMSC will be in the marketplace for all to enjoy.