Welcome to Life at Bugle Hill Farm

Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Muddy Monday

Hello all. Is anyone else out there experiencing the kind of boot sucking mud that we are here at Bugle Hill? It can only be described as "epic." It's that time of the year when soggy pastures meet horses with increasing amounts of Spring Fever. The combination has created two very dirty but extremely happy horses. They seem quite pleased with the results of their efforts to erase any signs that a brush has ever come in contact with their furry bodies. In between rounds of lightening this morning, I managed to get the horses fed and the stalls cleaned, fresh water given and several flakes of hay served. Too bad they had to stay in today. I have that to look forward to again tonight. Sigh. Come on summer, please. I've had enough of winter. I long for night time turn-out and stall fans. Wind, rain, snow and ice begone. I will see you later in the year. You've done your job well. I'll be looking for you May Apples. Who else has had enough of winter?